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Monday, January 25, 2010

Adventures in Parenting!

Bedtime has continued to go along very well, Sylvie only wakes up during the night about once every few weeks or so. After a little cuddle, she is usually off to dreamland. However, going to sleep has presented a couple of challenges that keep her parents on their toes.

Challenge #1: Sylvie has mastered the zipper and snaps on her pajamas. She has also figured out how to undo them and slip them off at night. So we have gone in to check on her before going to bed ourselves to find her sleeping on the bed in some state of undress.

Solution: Mama and Daddy decide to double layer Sylvie and put a sweater over top of her pajamas.

Result: Success! Sometimes she still manages to unsnap or unzip, but she hasn't figured out that she has to remove her sweater first in order to free her arms. Ha ha - take that parenting challenge #1. ;)

Challenge #2: Sylvie loves Velcro (have we mentioned before how she likes taking things apart ie. snaps, unzipping?). Anyhoo, can anyone guess where she is getting practice with Velcro? Yes, experienced parents with toddlers - her diaper. So now that Sylvie's efforts are getting undressed at night have been thwarted, she now unsnaps her pajamas at the waist and pulls off her diaper. Sigh... Luckily we have only had a couple of wet blankets to change in the middle of the night.

Solution: Mama and Daddy are up for the challenge, and devise the ultimate solution - packing tape. Yep, after talking with other parents of two year olds, we are putting a strip of clear packing tape over the Velcro tags of her diaper at night.

The verdict: So far a success! We will have to see what else she has to present us with in the next month, but we are ready!

Once again on the same topic of undoing,unsnapping, unvelcroing, unbuttoning, unzipping (can you see the pattern yet??)...

One day after Sylvie got up from her nap, I was getting supper prepared and Sylvie comes shuffling into the kitchen giggling. I couldn't help but giggle with her. I think the pictures speak for themselves:

Hehehhe Mama...Look at me!

What do you mean pick up my clothes and get dressed?

Whatever Mama! I'm two and that's the way I roll!


  1. Oh my, that is so cute. I would never have imagined her taking her pj's off at night. Phew, glad Lilah never thought of doing that.

    Must say though, Mama & Baba are really on the ball!

    She so cute and looks SO SO happy!

  2. Ah, it is all part of learning... just not so fun for the parents to clean up the mess! You are very creative with your solutions.