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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day Twelve - The Visa Cometh...

Well, after last night, we thought we might be in for a day of mourning, but that did not seem so. Someone got us up this morning by playing with the curtains to let some light in... (Her crib is now tactfully relocated by the way...) So we got up and headed out doe some breakfast and a plan to do some local supply shopping (Big Malls all over the place... Nice and close) Got out of the gate early and were even a few minutes early for the mall opening... By the way if you thought the WalMart cheer was weird, you should have seen these employees march (no I mean LITERALLY march - in formation) to unlock the doors and formally greet shoppers at the morning bell) These people take their shopping a little more seriously than I do, but hey - whatever floats your boat...

After our military mall experience, we headed back to the hotel for some naps all around. I was supposed to meet Jennifer downstairs to head off to the Canadian Embassy to collect Sylvie's visa at 12:30 and we had a tour of the Temple of Heaven planned... Let's just say that the sleeps prevailed for the girls for some extra time and we did not bother with the tour. I did go to the Embassy with Jennifer to pickup the visa and immigration documents that we will require to come home (and leave I guess... Visa to leave and immigration forms to enter) The Embassy visit again - 6 minutes... Got to go inside this time though - Check the forms and spelling of everything - Everything correct? Yup. OK Thank you. Done... Again - very nice... :)

So we got to make plans to get together with the other families that were in the group that was here (we had booked with a different travel facilitator earlier so we were not in the group) but they invited us out anyway for a "Goodbye China" party. We had met a couple sets of parents who were adopting when we were in Nanning - got to catch up with one of them here. The other were Americans, so their Embassy is not in Beijing... There were 9 families in all who were in the group - what a blast! We all met at their hotel and headed out on the bus to go for a big Chinese farewell dinner - We ate like there was no tomorrow. I have to say that after this trip I am even MORE hooked on dumplings... :) Sylvie LOVED it - got to interact some more with the other kids and everyone had a ball. The kids got gifts at the end (large scrolls with their Chinese names on them) and everyone got entertained by a little clown magic show and Chinese dance. Very very nice time. Got to get together with people we have only typed with online and meeting and talking with everyone was a nice "grounding"... Don't get me wrong, we are having a great time, but there is something about being to talk to others who are going through the same things you are that is very helpful - almost relieving. It was fantastic to meet you all!

Got back to their hotel on the shuttle, and caught a taxi back to our hotel... Prepared for another evening of baby torture - I sharpened some toothpicks in lieu of bamboo chutes... and poof! Finished her bottle and asleep in the crib - 8 minutes... Booooya... Not complaining - No sir.. not one bit... :):) This little girl is a bundle of surprises... :) Working on new foods though, which sometimes she is very particular, and sometimes she will eat whatever... Things we know she likes so far:

- Formula (duh? - It's like crack for kids...)
- Rice (fried, steamed, crispies)
- Rice Cereal
- Congee (which we will have to get some more recipes from Kay...)
- Bananas
- Corn
- Broccoli
- Cheerios (what kid doesn't like the universal snack??)
- Baby MMmm MMmm's (Basically a rice biscuit - she actually JUST started eating those today...)
- ...Do you SEE the "rice" theme here?... We will have to diversify some when we return.

These are the top contenders for her palette so far. That about sums up the day today - Got all of the required travel documents now and we are off to the airport on Friday... Leave the hotel about 1:00pm and depart about 4:00pm if my schedule is right. Tomorrow is another free day, so we are hopefully going to sleep in a little and relax for most of the day. I think we are going to try the Silk Market tomorrow just to see what it is all about, but that's about it. You will certainly hear about it for sure... :) Until then...

C & J & S

...Winner winner - Chicken dinner.....


  1. Awesome update... the farewell dinner sounds like a great time. The silk market sounds intriguing.. have you picked up Sylvie a traditional dress yet??? :)

  2. Dianna & CliffJune 3, 2009 at 6:37 PM

    Very excited that your soon on your way home. Have read your post faithfully. (even if we haven't posted) Your trip sounds Fantastic. Looking forward to seeing you "3" soon.
    Grandpa & Grandma

  3. I'm so happy for your new family. This post brings tears to my eyes. Good luck with your travels home.