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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day Eleven - Market Good :) Meltdown bad :(

Yesterday was another "free day" so we got to sleep in a little bit and went for breakfast and a walk about in the neighbourhood. We have come the conclusion that Little Miss is quite content when we ware trucking around with her in her stroller... She gets to take in all the sights while we do the legwork.... I think I would like that arrangement too... :) We got back to the hotel and decided that a nap was in order as the only thing we had planned for the rest of the day was some shopping.

Three hours later (for some of us... I will let you figure out which... ) :) and we got geared up and headed downstairs. Asked our concierge where some good shopping was to be had, and he had suggested either the Silk Market or the Pearl Market. We opted for the Pearl Market on this day, for no particular reason than it is 5 floors of shops where they EXPECT you to haggle... If you pay what the sticker says (IF there is a sticker) than I GUARANTEE you have paid too much. (George Foreman Guarantee, not the Men's Warehouse...) :) The concierge questioned whether or not we wanted to go to such a place - grabby loud people who want to push things on you at every turn - A lot of the stuff are knicknacks and dust collectors and such... Yes, yes we do... Okie dokie - in a taxi and we were off.

Now for a little scene-setting of the Pearl Market... I would loosely describe it as a department store where there are different sections on different levels - which it was, but only with what I could attach a zoo or mob mentality to... WOW!! (Don't get me wrong, I loved every second of it... but WOW!) :) If you wanted something there, you could almost be certain that someone had it (or would get it)... It was fantastic shopping for everything. We were there for a couple of hours and tuckered the munchkin out, so we caught a taxi with all of wares in tow back to the hotel.

Mid trip we changed routes to head off for a quick dinner (someone was letting us know that she was hungry) so we hit a little restaurant near the hotel so we could walk back. Got some dinner in (quickly - sometimes there is no pleasing this one) and hustled off back to the room so we could unpack and unwind,,, Well, unwind was the PLAN... Let's just say that missy here is cutting a couple of big teeth (she turned her stroller into a giant teething ring - thought she actually might knock out some chick-lets on the bumpy sidewalks, but nope) So to say putting her to sleep was "eventful" :) Thought we might have someone call security thinking we might be breaking her limbs she was howling so hard... E.V.E.N.T.U.A.L.L.Y... she quieted down after many tears and drifted off... I think we were actually in shock of how quiet it was for a bit... :) So, no blog for you last night, but you get the goods today... :)

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  1. Oh yes, the joys of teething :) The two year molars are very very fun, too ;)

  2. Liam is still the worst teether I have met. The only solution that we have found is Advil or Motrin!!! It is magical!!!!