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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy Fourth Birthday Sylvie!

*This post was actually created right around her birthday, but life got busy and I didn't get around to posting. And to be honest, it is sometimes hard to realize and accept our baby girl is growing up!

Our baby girl is FOUR! How did this happen?....

One day she was just a tiny, bitty baby living in China celebrating her FIRST birthday with a cake sent lovingly to her from her new Mama and Baba...
And then continued coasting through the rest of the year taking it easy!


...Then Bam! She is a giggling TWO year old toddler...
Photo 5 - Sylvie swings
Photo 7 - Sylvie

Photo 2 - Sylvie
  ...And then it happens AGAIN! And a precocious little girl is THREE!

...Against all our might and wishes to keep her young forever, she turns ANOTHER year older...
P1010080 - Copy
027-Pillar (26)
We feel blessed beyond belief that we have been given the privilege to raise our beautiful daughter and watch her grow and mature into the sweet, loving, kind, considerate, silly little girl we all love so very much.

We wish there was a way to share with her birth mother, birth father and birth family that this most wonderful little girl is healthy, happy and cherished so very much. Our prayers, good thoughts and wishes towards them will have to do for now.


  1. Happy birthday from Colorado! She is so beautiful ~ I love the way her eyes smile :o) They sure do grow fast!

  2. She's bigger, and even MORE beautfiful - if that's even possible. Happy (belated) 4th Birthday Sylvie. I get the feeling (just by your massive smile and holding that green icing chocolate cupcake) that your family made it a very special day for you.


  3. Happy (belated) 4th Birthday to beautiful Sylvie!

    Joyanne, I love the picture timeline... especially the green icing picture! Sylvie has the most amazing, warm, and postively infectious smile. It must be a reflection all that love from her family!

    I agree...Oh, if they could just all stay little for a while longer!

  4. Happy Birthday Sylvie!! What a beautiful post Joyanne - I really would be wonderful to keep them little!!

  5. Great pictures. Happy Birthday to lovely Sylvie from all of the Grays! Enjoy your last at home year, hard to believe but once they hit school it seems like the years suddenly fly by. Beautiful words to her birth family. You are a pretty great lady Joy.

  6. It is hard to remember her so little! Such a cutie... and still is! Happy Birthday Sylvie!

  7. Amazing to see how she's grown!!!!! Can't wait to see you soon...

  8. She looks like she has a lot of spunk! She is so cute!

  9. Dear Drinkwater Family,
    On Thanksgiving Day we leave for Datong China to pick up our little girl with Cleft Lip and Palate. Your blog has inspired and kept us smiling through the difficult process of adoption. We just wanted to Thank You! Your girls are beautiful and we love the first "I love you video."
    The Stacey Family of Detroit MI

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