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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our little ballerinas...

Every Saturday morning we pull ourselves out of bed and after a quick breakfast get ready for one of the girls favorite activities of the week - dance class! To be honest, I think the part they enjoy the most is wearing their dance outfit and getting their hair done in buns with bobby pins!

Here they are at home warming up before heading off!
This is Sylvie's second go around with ballet. Last year she needed to hold the teacher's hand to do pretty much all of the activities. However, this year she is bouncing around with the rest of them. They are learning how to "plie", and Sylvie has had fun teaching her Daddy and Mama how to position our feet and bend our knees. The cutest part is when she calls out the instructions "p.j. down...p.j. up...". Since both mine and Cory's dance vocabulary is zero, we had to ask at the next class what "p.j." means, and realized is is actually plie - not too bad of a word connection for little Sylvie!

We weren't too sure how Mary would do. She was very upset the first week when just Sylvie went to ballet, even though she got to go with Daddy to get a special treat at Tim Horton's. Call me a sucker, but when the tears started rolling down her cheeks, I signed her up on the spot for the next week. We made sure to explain to her that she would not be in Sylvie's class since she is almost a year younger, but Mary was adamant that she wanted to go anyways. So off to Zellars we were to get her a little dance outfit as well. The next week we watched our fearless little girl head into the class without any tears or hesitation. She listened intently to the teacher and copied all the moves and followed all the directions (a marked difference between her and her sister!). We knew our little firecracker had great adaptive skills, but she continues to impress us all the time.  

One of the other great things about dance class is that we get to see our friends. Sylvie and Miah are in the same dance class again this year. And Mary loves playing with Miah's older sisters while her sister is in her class (particularly if they are playing on the iPhone, since Mama's is off limits!).
I have to admit though, they are the cutest little ballerina's I have ever seen.



  1. They are very cute! I love having little girls who want to wear pink and dance....

  2. oh my goodness, sooo cute. love the tu tu's

  3. They are darling little dancers. Mary just might be born to dance :)

  4. They are SO SO cute and I love how big your pictures are now!!
    Mary is right out there, I love seeing that in a much confidence!


  5. Just catching up on the blog...seriously cute in pink and a lovely 5th position from both little ladies! I LOVE the fact Mary really wanted to be in class that badly and took to it so well. Go Mary!