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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our little Jawas.... appears that my techie/science fiction loving husband is trying to indoctrinate educate our children on some of the essential classic sci-fi movies.

On the top of his list is Star Wars. In order to foster a connection he is focusing on the various short stature characters, starting with...the Jawas. For those of you who have lived under a rock since the late 70's and don't know who the Jawas are... (you can read about the Jawas HERE)

Jawas as conceived by George Lucas.

How is he doing this you might ask? Is he subjecting them to hours of movie watching with pop quizzes afterwards? Is he testing their knowledge of obscure facts about the different movies, or asking them to hum the theme song? Is he helping them to speak wookie, you might ask? No, he is much more diabolical and covert than that. 

When drying off the girls at night after their bath, he asks them if they would like to be burritos (arms wrapped up) or Jawas. The girls usually ask to be jawas. I think they are a little cuter than their counterparts above, right?
 "Daddy, we want to be Jawas!"

They of course find this hilarious and laugh and laugh...

Double sigh...not sure how he is going to incorporate the other characters into their vocabulary, but I am sure the Ewoks are next. George Lucas would be proud. 


  1. *sigh* love those Jawas! Does he have that old satuday morning cartoons of the Ewoks (on Endor) .....that would be too cute!

  2. Hmmmm.... I see some Halloween costumes! I am wondering if it was Cory who wrote this post...

  3. I am TOTALLY green to stuff like this, haven't got a clue! Honestly. I guess I have lived under a rock! Haha!

    Your girls are so sweet though and I agree with Paige...halloween costumes??! ;)


  4. Ooooh, Jawa's are scary... but those two are cute as button's!

    How sweet that their Dad has come up with different "options" for bath towel wrapping! Love it!

  5. You are a geek.

    Rowan Family

  6. Hee hee too cute. Our Jacob loves Star Wars