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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Fun

The girls had a wonderful time with all the Easter celebrations. The girls had many opportunities to search for eggs over the past two weeks.

Early Practice Session at Grandpa Cliff and Grandma Diane's before Easter weekend...

Grandpa sure makes it hard (and prickly) to find these eggs!

On Good Friday we went to a local Easter Egg hunt. The weather was beautiful and families came out in droves from our community as well as towns close by. In past years the highest attendance was 650 kids, this time there were close to 1000 children. It was a little bit too busy for us, so we might rethink attending next year. 

Keeping busy playing in the dirt while waiting for the egg hunt to start...
 By far, this was the most enjoyable time for each girl...
 Daddy's arms were getting sore by the end.

 Seasoned Pro's this past weekend at their Grandpa Roy and Grandma Marjorie's...

Hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend, we certainly did!


  1. I love that picture of the girls holding hands! And Mary's sweet little pigtails are so cute!

  2. Mary looks like she figured this all out pretty quick! Sylvie looks like she takes good care of her sister.

    P.S. The bangs on Mary are are making me rehtink bangs on Miah.
    See you Saturday!

  3. They sure look like they are having fun hunting for those eggs!

    I also love the photo of them holding hands - too sweet!

    Happy Easter!

  4. What all the smiles!

    Mary's hair sure looks like it's grown lots lately! So cute with the pigtails for both! :)

    Ps...dont' think we will go to the local Easter Egg hunt next year either...waaay to crazy. Think we'll do something in our neighbourhood instead, we'll let you know! :)