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Sunday, March 20, 2011

What we've been up to lately....

It's been a very busy past couple of weeks. Here are some of the highlights of how we've been spending our time. Enjoy!

Playing together nicely most of the time.
Hmmm....I wonder if this bead can fit in my ear - it can!
I wonder if Mama will freak out again if I throw the 
beads on the floor? Insert evil adorable grin and giggle.
Good thing I'm cute and she loves me!

Celebrating birthdays with friends....
Birthday Party #1 - Robbie's Two!
Playing with friends at Robbie's party. 
Ride on toys are a big hit.
 Birthday Party #2 - Nikki (mom to our friends Sugar and Spice)
 We went out for dinner and the kids were GREAT! Here's a
cute video of the little ones while the parents settled the bill.

Celebrating St. Paddy's day with friends. We met our friends Karla,
Shea, and their daughter Victoria for lunch at Kelly O'Bryan's
What do you mean Pacho's aren't typical Irish food?

Karla brought stickers for the kids and shamrock headbands.
Did I mention how much she rocks?!
Leprechaun #1
 Leprechaun #2
Leprechaun's #3 & #4 - Daddy and Shea 

We are enjoying being outdoors again and it not being dark right
after dinner. Going for daily walks around the neighborhood....

 Discovering our backyard toys again.


  1. have been busy! Looks like lots of fun stuff happening in the Drinkwater family, and I's great to be outside again. And to think that Cory goes on all those fire calls on top of all this family fun!!!

    Gotta say...I LOVE the pigtails!

  2. Thanks for the blog comment! Yes, it will happen for Mary soon! When does she no longer need the strip? Ty will be getting a lip revision at some point, and I think I read somewhere it's like 4-6 weeks? Is that true?

  3. Great to catch up with the Drinkwater crew. I needed some adorable photos to liven up my evening. :)

  4. So true, talking our evening walks while there is still sunlight is awesome! Summers coming!.......

  5. That's living! Now all we need is for our evenings to slow down so we CAN get out and walk!

    hugs - aus and co.

  6. Life with two... gets kind of crazy! But looks like a fun crazy. I have to say, I am slightly jealous at your lack of snow and winter coats.

    It was great to see the photo of Victoria and her parents too.

  7. You are such an awesome mom and dad to your kids!

  8. Great photos! Slyvie is getting so big! I can't wait for dance class to start...I sure hope they are brave together!

  9. Love the pictures of Mary in the police car, Shamrock headbands and the fact that your girls are in their playhouse and there is NO SNOW! Oh the insanity of living in Saskatchewan where we have piles of it yet! :)

    The girls are looking great! Hope Mary's lip is healing well. We think about her often.

  10. Wow, you guys have been busy! Adorable smiles and cuteness overload all around! And listen, I can't help but notice you have no snow. I am green with envy! :)

    Happy Spring!

    Oh, and I too am enjoying the fact that it's not dark when Lilah wakes up from her nap (before supper). Oh, it's the little things in life!


  11. JoAnne! I just clued into your Mary from Shanxi *headsmack* that's were Bing's from. What's it like?